Bankia , is an ideal bank to apply for a loan , either with the aim of getting funding for a project that we need to improve our lifestyle and get ahead with our goals, to finance any unforeseen expense or whim we want, like a trip , new car, etc.

Whatever our objective is, it is important to know the different types of loans offered by banks to find the one that best suits our pocket. The characteristics of certain loans bring advantages for some, but those same advantages can turn into disadvantages in some other cases.

It is important that you know the best possible market offer and for this we bring you this time all the information about the loans available in Bankia.

The main characteristics of Bankia personal loans

The characteristics of Bankia’s personal loans allow it to be possible to apply for loans and credits over the Internet , by making yourself available through Online Banking by completing a form on the website with which you can begin the loan application process .

As a Bankia customer, you only have to enter the information requested, and in the case of not being a client at the bank, you need to register online by entering all the necessary personal information. Once you register as a customer online in Bankia, you are offered different options to continue with the identification process, which can be: Send a courier to your address to sign the contract, use the identification of another bank, or visit directly the nearest Bankia offices.

Types of loans and loans at Bankia

You can obtain four different types of loans in Bankia which are adapted to the needs and conditions for different situations in which the clients are located, as well as the objectives that they may have in mind.

Next, we will show the different offers in personal loans that this bank has, so that you can choose objectively which one is the best for you in your specific case.

Bankia car loan

Bankia car loan

The Bankia car loan allows you to access financing of up to € 60,000 in 96 months with a very competitive fixed rate , which means you can buy a new, used car or even a motorcycle. For those who need a loan to buy a car, this is undoubtedly one of the best options available.

Advantages and characteristics of the Bankia car loan

This is a loan that has many advantageous conditions since it allows you to buy a new or used car or also buy a motorcycle. The applicable interest rate is annual IRR 5.95% fixed throughout the life of the loan, while the APR is 6.78%.

On the other hand, the commission for opening this car loan from Bankia is 1.5% , with a minimum of € 120. Another advantage offered by this price is that you can decide the day of the month in which you want to pay your fees, in addition to the total annual fees and the repayment term.

In this way, if for example you want to buy a new car that has a price of € 12,000 to 60 months, then the annual TIN is 5.94% fixed, the APR is 6.78%, while the commission for opening is 1.5% , with a minimum of € 180, commission paid at the time of formalizing the loan.

The monthly fee you would pay would be € 231.72, while the total amount payable would be € 12,000 capital + € 1,942.51 interest + opening fee € 180, which gives a total of € 14,122.51. You can hire this loan by going to the nearest Bankia Bank office and in case you want to buy an electric car, you can ask for the sustainable credit.

Bankia Sustainable Credit

Bankia Sustainable Credit

This type of loan is designed to cover the special needs of financing environmentally friendly items, such as: hybrid, electric or alternative energy vehicles to reduce emissions; buy new appliances for your home or business that are low consumption (with energy label Class A or higher); or make reforms to your home to improve energy efficiency, these can be condensing boilers, solar panels, or any other reform that you see that helps improve energy efficiency. The characteristics of this type of loan are a term of up to 96 months to pay it, an improved interest rate, with no opening fees and a maximum amount of € 60,000.

What are the main characteristics of this type of credit

The sustainable credit is designed so that you can enjoy any kind of expense as long as it is to take care of the environment. In addition, you can access the purchase of a hybrid, electric car or make the reform of your home to improve its energy efficiency.

On the other hand, the Consumer Efficient loan allows you to renew your home appliances but they have to be low consumption , that is, those with a class A or higher energy label.

In addition to that, so that the peace of mind you feel is complete, you can have at your disposal a consumer credit insurance that gives you the possibility of guaranteeing a payment of up to 12 monthly installments in case the owner is left without work or have some type of sick leave. The latter is perfect for officials or freelancers.

Although the person has all the requirements for this type of credit, Bankia may see that it is a risk client for the entity, which may cause them to deny the loan.

This is the kind of credit so you can fulfill your dream. In addition, this type of credit does not have any type of commissions.

In case you need any type of information, you can contact the entity through the telephone number 916 346 964 . The entity has a team of professionals who can help you get the solution to any of your problems or solve any type of doubt without any problem.

Credit can more than Bankia

Credit can more than Bankia

This type of credit means that you can make any idea that goes through your head come true. This type of loans, not only gives you the possibility of getting a lot of money for cars or reforms of all kinds, but no one is going to ask you for that money, so you can use it for any kind of thing you have always wanted to do and you could not.

What gives you this type of credit

You can get a custom credit with up to 60,000 euros.

What are the main characteristics of this kind of credit?

With this type of Bankia loans you can get up to an amount of up to 60,000 euros and that can be amortized in a maximum period of 96 months – about 8 years or so.

  • This type of credit provides a fixed interest that you feel will have the same amount during the time the loan lasts.
  • In addition, in order to pay before this type of credit can be expanded to 13 or 14 the number of annual fees , as well as choose the date for the expiration of the credit that best suits you. This fee can be adjusted to what is payroll.
  • There is also the option of postponing up to 35% the maturity capital.
  • This type of loan is subject to approval by Bankia.
  • This type of credit has no commissions.

Young Credit of Bankia

Young Credit of Bankia

With the new young Bankia credit , you can enjoy the amount of money you want to get without problem. Thanks to Bankia and its new way of hiring insurance, you can enjoy a faster type of credit with many more benefits than any credit in the world.

In addition, all the procedures that you can carry out without moving from home.

This loan is aimed at young people so they can carry out home renovations or a car change at a certain time. Young credit gives you the possibility to get between 1 . 000 and 30,000 euros with the possibility of amortizing this up to 60 months.

In addition to that, the bankia entity gives you the possibility that it is you who chooses the day you want to make the payments, to get the best possible flexibility.

Remember that you can apply for credit online , but it will be at all times the entity who decides whether or not you are a risk client for them. In case you think so, the entity can deny you the credit. A perfect credit that can give you up to 30,000 euros . This type of credits does not have any type of commissions, you can request information going to the offices or through the Telephone Attention Service: 916 346 964

Bankia Investment and Pension Loan


A type of loan that makes you have advantageous conditions . Thanks to this type of Bankia Investment and Pension Loan you can get investment types or types of pensions that make your income on these issues rise. In addition, you can have liquidity of what you have already contributed, which makes you benefit almost completely from all the tax advantages that at a given time can give you.

What characteristics does this type of credit have?

The Bankia investment and pension loan is a loan that helps you obtain a more advantageous type of financing.
Among the conditions that this kind of credits brings you are the following.

  • Through this loan you can finance the contributions made to Bankia’s pension plans and you can also take advantage of the tax benefits.
  • You can have a higher type of liquidity for the times when it was necessary to carry out a reform of any kind to go out with your children, pay for their studies or even go on vacation.
  • This type of loans is one of the most comfortable and flexible in the market, since you can also enjoy a fixed or flexible interest rate and annual fees between 12-13 and 14 with a repayment term.

Advantages of credits and loans of Bankia

Among the main advantages of this type of personal loans of Bankia , one of the first that we can highlight is the ability to solve any problem that may arise and above all, the possibility of having a great team of professionals who think at all times in the needs of customers.

On the other hand, another of the things that surprises is the ability to get the credits and the speed with which they can be managed through the Bankia online simulator

All the data that you send to the company, will be treated in a completely confidential way to avoid that they can be used by third parties and you can enjoy great benefits by becoming a client of the bankia entity; an entity that has been in the market for years and that has the ability to give each of the clients a solution.

When hiring any service in Bankia you have the advantages of being with a very important bank in Spain, of great growth and with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Thanks to this you can have access to a very good service and peace of mind at the time of requesting any loan and make its subsequent return.

The infrastructure and attention of Bankia allow you to have customer service 24 hours with the fastest and most convenient, you can access directly from your computer through Online Banking or on your mobile devices by loading the Bankia Internet Online App .

Thanks to these online customer services, you can access to make movements, access your accounts, pension plans, loans, insurance, from anywhere through mobile devices; you have in your hands all the information about the products contracted in Bankia, along with their movements and receipts; You can make transfers of all kinds, buy shares, contributions from pension plans, subscribe to investment funds, etc., and of course, you also always have the possibility to visit the office directly and communicate with an executive without any problem.

Requirements for personal loans Bankia

To request any type of loan it will always be necessary to ask for some documents, in some banks the amount of documents and how strict they are at the time of conducting the study to grant the loan can vary making it an advantage or disadvantage for some people.

Specifically in Bankia the necessary documents for the loan study are the following:

  • Identification document
  • Payment commitments
  • Annual income tax
  • Document accrediting the investment
  • Payroll / pension or quarterly IRPF (in case of self-employed)

Interest rates of personal loans Bankia

The loans available in Bankia have the great advantage of having flexibility, not only in the possibility of choosing the amount and the term to pay, but also to choose if you want a fixed or variable interest rate, and even if you want a fee of increasing or constant payment.

Being so personalizable the loans it is more than evident that the interest rates will be very varied depending on the choice of each client for his loan. If something we can clarify is that the interests are not high in any way, it depends a lot on your choice, but if you manage to decide for a comfortable loan and adjusted to your expectations, it is sure that you will get a fair treatment from the bank so that you find very calm for all the time you have agreed to pay back the loan.

In addition, you do not have to worry, because you have at your disposal, directly on the official website of Bankia, a loan simulator with which you can find what would be the conditions of the loan you want and thus form a decision as much as possible. successful before starting the loan application.

How to apply for credits and loans at Bankia Online

Asking for a loan in Bankia is very simple and practical thanks to the possibility of directly accessing the web page to fill out a form with which the loan request is started, in this form you must fill out the personal information, such as: name, address, telephone, economic data that the bank asks you about the company where you work, payroll data, working life, years worked, information on your monthly earnings, etc.

In addition to reporting what you spend in each month as in the payments of other loans or insurance. Another possibility, perhaps much more effective and simple is to go to your nearest Bankia office to process the loan you want, this way you will have at your disposal the service of an executive who will guide you and with whom you can clarify any of the doubts that arise in the moment.

Although it is advisable to go physically, if you are not willing to go directly to the office, the online process is very complete, you have complete attention and access to all the necessary information to clarify all your doubts at any time.

Simulator for loans and loans Bankia

The simulator for loans and loans Bankia is the best way you have to find just the most appropriate financing according to your needs. Previously you need to go to the bank’s office to perform this procedure, but nowadays you can do it easily through the Internet at any time of the day and wherever you are.

How does the simulator work for Bankia loans and loans?

How does the simulator work for Bankia loans and loans?

This Bankia loan simulator helps you find the financing you are looking for in the least amount of time possible. Its operation is very simple, since all you have to do is specify the purpose of the loan you need.

You have three options to choose according to your needs: new car, housing reform and other purposes. Next you must specify the amount of the loan that you require, as well as the return period. If you want to buy a new car, Bankia can lend you between € 1,000 and € 60,000, to be returned within a period of 96 months.

If it is a housing reform, the amount that can be lent is also between € 1,000 to € 30,000, but the return period is 60 months. If you choose Other purposes, then the maximum amount you can borrow is € 60,000 and the return period is 60 months.

In any case, once you specify the amount of money you want to borrow and the period in which you intend to return it, you only have to click on the “View simulation” button. You will then be shown the interest rate applied to that loan, the commission for opening applied, as well as the monthly fee that you will have to pay.

How to return personal loans in Bankia

You have a lot of options to return your personal loans to this bank, thanks to the infrastructure they have, it is possible that you can access to make all the movements you need through the Online Banking and the Bankia Mobile App , in addition to have all the methods of conventional payments to return using your debit card, and other methods thanks to the options provided by this bank.

Renting Bankia how it works

Bankia renting is a type of long-term rental, in which all the most essential services are integrated so that a car always stays in perfect conditions. Bankia’s leasing contract can include pre-fixed services, which depend on the type of product and can not be changed for the Campaigns, as well as being contractable based on the needs of the client, as is the case with renting personalized.

What are the advantages of renting Bankia


For starters, Bankia offers a fixed monthly fee without initial contribution, plus there are no contingencies, since all services are included. Not only that, the renting of Bankia turns out to be much more affordable compared to the purchase of a new vehicle. Even this entity offers its Bankia quality guarantee.

The services included in the campaigns are rental of the vehicle, preventive and corrective maintenance, as well as all-risk insurance without excess and fixed premium, as well as the unlimited replacement of tires, including blowouts and punctures.

Not only that, a replacement vehicle is also offered for up to 15 days for each immobilization, both in sheet metal repairs and in paint repairs. Also included is the roadside assistance service from km 0, which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Along with the above, it also includes the management of administrative fines, the registration and delivery costs, as well as the taxes inherent to the registration, as well as the possession of the car.

Bankia renting offers available


Bankia currently has three available renting offers:

  • BMW X sDrive18d with Advantage finish Executive Package 100kW (150 HP). It is offered at 60 months 10,000 km / year, without initial contribution, VAT included for 479.80 € per month.
  • MINI Cooper 3 doors with Pepper 100kW package (136 HP). It is offered at 60 months 10,000km / year, without initial contribution, VAT included for € 303.71 per month.
  • SEAT Arona Style 1.6 TDI 70kW (95 HP). It is offered at 48 months 10,000 km / year, without initial contribution, VAT included for € 300.08 per month.

Bankia Mortgages

Bankia mortgages are financial products that allow clients to obtain a loan for the acquisition of a home . In the particular case of this entity, simply by domiciling your income, you no longer charge commissions when you hire a mortgage.

Mortgages without Bankia commissions

Mortgages without Bankia commissions

Bankia mortgages do not include opening commission, study commission, early repayment commission, nor early cancellation fee. For that reason they are known as mortgage without commissions. In this sense there are two types of mortgage loans of Bankia: the mortgage without fixed commissions and the mortgage without variable commissions.

Mortgage without fixed fees

Mortgage without fixed fees

It is a mortgage for the acquisition of a home, in which no commission is charged. It is a mortgage with a term of up to 30 years, amount up to 80% of the investment for usual residence, fixed interest rate, monthly fees from 1.75% TIN and 2.40% APR.

Mortgage without variable commissions

Mortgage without variable commissions

In this case it is a mortgage loan also aimed at the acquisition of a home, where the term is also 30 years, an amount of up to 80% of the investment for usual residence, monthly installments, variable interest rate, with TIN of 1.20% first year, Euribor + 1.20% TIN, 1.70% APR, in addition, the mixed-rate mortgage is also available with a fixed-rate term of up to 7 years and the remaining at a variable rate.

Customer service and online banking Bankia

This bank has a first class service in terms of customer service, both directly in offices and on the Internet or telephone. Its official website, like the Mobile App and Online Banking allow you to have at your disposal all the necessary information so you can feel at ease at all times, and to perform all movements, transfers, etc. All this without leaving the tranquility of your home.

Extensions and postponements at Bankia

Some of the credits available in Bankia have up to one year of unemployment benefit, however, the best thing you can do is contact the bank directly to find out what are the procedures that should be carried out at the time of the that you can not pay the fee on the agreed day of the month. Remember that you have customer service phones available, as well as online services, and of course, go directly to the offices.

Opinions about Bankia loans

Antonia Gracia.- The large number of advantages that Bankia provides you with as solutions for you to feel calm as a customer when requesting any type of loans, such as personal loans and credits, is such that it really shows in the way that Its services, infrastructure and attention are organized.

Sergio M.- The personal loans that you can request have great flexibility to choose the way you feel most comfortable to pay, as well as other features that can help you to make the burden of the loan lighter, the customer service, As the Online Banking and Mobile Aojo are important advantages that help ensure the comfort of the customer.

In Conclusion on Bankia

Bankia is a banking entity with great growth in recent years, the services it offers and the detail it provides to customers are a reflection of this growth and that probably will continue to happen in the following years.

Nobody can have better criticism than yourself to judge the level of convenience of the loans and credits available in Bankia , taking into account your needs, situation and specific case, you can be sure that Bankia is a reputable company which has a large number of customers and service in Spain, but in the end the decision to apply for a loan must be based objectively on your opinion of the characteristics and see it first if you agree the advantages established by this bank or not